“Cooking is an expression of love, so put all of your heart into your dishes! You can literally taste the love when it happens.”

-Chef Hollie

I'm passionate about teaching children to enjoy the taste of vegetables and fruits and helping busy families with easy recipes, strategies, and videos to make cooking and eating together more enjoyable at home. If you relish the taste of a summer ripe peach and blueberry crumble or savory winter roasted squash pasta bathed in brown butter sauce, you'll talk about it, dream about it, want to prepare it again and again! That's what I hope this eBook can do for your family, whether you have children or not. Channel your inner child and join me for a year of playfully eating in season!
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The Joyful 12! is broken into four seasons, each with recipes, videos, buying/storing tips, and ways to engage your kids in the cooking process. There are 144 gluten free vegetarian recipes and over 50 skill building videos to help you master 48 vegetables and fruits in a year.

Our video library is where you'll find all of our videos on how to prep seasonal produce and how to learn easy and healthy cooking methods to make your veggies sing with flavor.
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